10 Beautiful Hot Ladies ,Who Will Be Distracting Notable Footballers In Euro 2016

The UEFA Euro 2016 is just around the corner and nations have named their 23-man squads who will be heading to France this summer for Football’s showpiece event. 24 teams, 10 venues, 50 matches and a whole month of quality international football awaits us this summer. While the footballers will be working hard on the pitch to earn glory for their nations,their wives and girlfriends will do them a whole lot of good by distracting them with claims of cheering them up. Sports Intelligence do a preview of a few of these ladies.


Edurne– Manchester United and Spain’s first choice goalkeeper David De Gea’s will have to contend with the goal post and his girlfriend Edurne, who will be in France to cheer him up. The choice is for the goalkeeper to make.


Ludivine Kadri Sagna: The Manchester City defender has finally made it to the French squad and would be having his wife around for the tournament to cheer him up. We just hope she does not eventually become a source of distraction for the defender who has been looking up to this opportunity.


Lena Gercke: Sami Khedira had Lena at the 2014 world and that probably brought some luck to the German side and they eventually won their first ever world cup in South America. Will Lena’s presence at Euro 2016 propel the German team to win again?


Sam Cooke: Manchester United’s defender Chris Smalling will be the first choice in centre back of England’s national team, but his beautiful girlfriend Sam Cooke will also be in France to cheer him up. The decision will be left for the young defender on what would be his priority in France.


Viktoria Varga:Graziano Pelle has found his way into Italian national team with his impressive performances with Southampton, his model girlfriend is a sight to be hold and will not be left out as would be available in France to cheer him up. Although Viktoria Varga is hungarian-born, she will be flying the flag of Italy this summer.


Anna Lewandowska: Lewandowski has proved to be one of the best forwards in the world since his arrival in Bayern Munich, and will now have to lead his Polish side to Euro 2016, where he would be expected to carry the nation’s burden on his shoulder. His wife would either be a boost or distraction for the 27 year old, when she come around in France.


Michèle Lacroix: Manchester City forward Kelvin de Bruynne had a nice season with his club after he helped the club reach semifinal of the champions league for the first time, and is now faced with taking Belgium afar, with his beautiful girlfriend available in France for the tournament, the forward will have so much to contend with.


Emma Rhys-Jones: Gareth Bale has done great job in ensuring the qualification of Wales to Euro 2016, as his singular effort provided the support, now he will be expected to help his nation make significant presence in the tournament, just as he helped his club Real Madrid win the European club title. With his beautiful girlfriend coming around to France, it may be a difficult situation for the forward.


Alexandra Ivarsdottir: Swansea midfielder, Gylfi Sigurdsson will be the key part of Iceland as they try to make an impact in Euro 2016 squad. His lovely wife Alexandra ivarsdottir is certainly going to be around to cheer him up to victory but she will be making sure fans see a lot of her.


Elena Bonzanni: Swiss international Velon Behrami might not be doing great as far as his professional career as a footballer is concerned but he has a beautiful girl off the pitch, who will be doing well to cheer him up when the tournament begins in France.

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