10 Lessons To Learn From Egypt’s Qualification To Russia 2018

As the Pharaohs of Egypt beat Congo at the Alexandria stadium to book a place in Russia 2018, Sport Intelligence looks at some salient facts about Egypt as a nation and the World Cup quest.

  1. Egypt is the first African country to play in the World Cup in the year 1934.
  2. Egypt withdrew from playing against Romania in the 1938 edition due to financial matters;
  3. Egypt withdrew from the qualifiers in Sweden 1958 and Chile 1962 editions due to participation of Israel;
  4. It took Egypt another 56 years after the 1934 edition before reaching her second world cup and that was in 1990;
  5. Egypt failed to qualify for the World Cup six times between 1990 and 2017;
  6. Despite not qualifying between 1990 and 2017, Egypt dominated African football winning the AFCON title four times within the period;
  7. It has also taken Egypt half the number of years it took her to reach her second world cup to qualify for her third;
  8. Egypt was keen on qualifying at Alexandria stadium in their match against Congo, as no team has beaten them there;
  9. With one more match left for Egypt in the qualifier, Egypt booked a berth to the Russia 2018 World Cup;
  10. Egypt did not allow the failure to win the AFCON title which they lost in February weigh them down, while Egypt qualified eight months after, Cameroon who won the title did not qualify.
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