3 Sports Men Who Died After Animals Attack

Animals have their perception about humans, they do not care if the person they are seeing is a renowned sports man or not what they think at every point about any human is either they want you for food or they see human as a threat to their needs.

Several Sport men and woman have been attacked by animals and in the process they are eventually killed, Sport Intelligence take you round some athletes who died after animal attack.


Diane Whipple, a famous American lacrosse player was killed by two Perro de Presa dogs. She participated in two World Cup events. No one would have known about her or about this Sport, if not for the unfortunate and sad incident that led to her death. January 26, 2001 was a normal day for Diane, when she went to buy some groceries and when she returned home the attack happened as she walked back into her apartment building, the two dogs bounced on her and attacked her. The autopsy revealed that Diane Whipple suffered a total of 77 wounds, which covered most of her body and caused severe blood loss. The dogs were not hers they belonged to Marjorie Knoller , but she was taking care of them while the owner was serving a life sentence in prison.


Jacques “Jacky” Boxberger was a famous French athlete known for his ability to perform in both short-distance and long-distance races. He participated in 4 consecutive Summer Olympics from 1968 to 1984, and also won the Paris Marathon in 1983 and 1985. Although he was successful, Boxberger was forced to retire early due to a knee injury which he acquired during military service. The athlete remained in popular culture due to his mysterious death in the hands of an elephant. It happened in 2001, while Boxberger was on vacation in Kenya with his wife and daughter. Boxberger was trying to film an elephant with his camera when the beast grabbed him with its trunk and smashed him against a tree. And it did not just end there, the elephant trampled his body until he was dead, confirming once again that these smart herbivores are often a neglected danger.

Jose Gomez

Spanish people are known and notorious for their obsession with bull-fighting. A Sport which is considered by almost the entire society as inhuman for the beasts, such fights exists in arena across the Latin world. José Gómez Ortega, or Joselito, was a legend amongst the fans of the practice. He was the youngest bullfighter to receive the title of “Matador de Toros,” at the age of 17. Enjoying unprecedented success during the Golden Age of bullfighting, Joselito received fatal injuries in the ring in 1920. His death shocked the nation and established him as a legend of the sport. We are not sure if compassion is justified towards this demise. Bullfighting is a “kill or be killed” sport in which the animals have the right to defend themselves.




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