5 Big Premier League Players That May Leave Their Clubs This Summer

The 2016/2017 season has come to an end with the big possibilities of players leaving their clubs for another during the summer, Sport Intelligence brings you 5 players from the English premier league that would depart their current clubs for several reasons.

Romelu Lukaku finished as second highest goal scorer in the season with 25 goals. The Belgian who is currently concentrating on helping his nation qualify for the world cup has decided to keep his next destination a secret as only him and his agent knows his next destination.

Diego Costa who have developed a bad relationship with manager Antonio Conte got a message from his manager after the 2-2 draw between Spain and Colombia that he is no more in the club’s programme for next season. His agent has however revealed that Costa may move to AC Milan before ban on Athletico Madrid is lifted next year.

Zlatan Ibrahimhovic did not get an opportunity to renew his one-year contract with United ahead of next season. The 35-year-old former Swede international who scored 17 premier league goals for United is currently injured, and will not be able to play until 2018, Zlatan had a clause in his contract with an option of renewal,but United thinks he would 36 by 2018 if a new contract is signed.

Uncertainty looms for Wayne Rooney despite his desire to finish his contract with United, but the English international have not had enough playing time under Jose Mourinho, but was brought in late in the Europa Cup final to ensure that he lifts what looked like his trophy with the club. Though there have been rumour of him going to China, but only time will tell.

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is keen for a better challenge, as the Chilean international helped his side to win the FA Cup this season. Though Wenger has said the forward would remain at Arsenal, the Chilean who is currently preparing ahead of the FIFA Confederations Cup with his country has handed over his next destination to his agent.

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