Achanta Blames Noise From Crowd As Reason For Loss To Aruna

GOLD COAST: India’s Sharath Achana has claimed that the noise coming from the crowd was reason for his 4-0 loss to Nigeria’s Quadri Aruna.

The 35-year-old India table tennis player suffered a heavy 4-0 defeat in the hands of Quadri Aruna in the semifinal but finds it difficult to accept defeat.

Achanta who responded to question on crowd making noises during the play said: “Every time I served people were calling out in a different language. It was disturbing. I think it was intentional.”

He also did agree that he did not take his chances in the game, but was also quick to admit that he will now have to do everything possible to clinch the bronze medal when he plays in the third place match.

However, it would be recalled that Achanta once admitted that Aruna’s non participation facilitated Nigeria’s loss to his side in the finals of the men doubles where his side won gold.

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