Africa Will Have 7 Representatives In The 2026 FIFA World Cup-Infantino

World governing football body president Gianno Infantino, has stated that Africa will get additional two slots in the 2026 world cup which will eventually increase Africa’s slots to seven, when the tournament is expanded to 40 teams.

He stated this in Abuja during his two-day visit to Nigeria during a media chat after an U-13 exhibition match between FCT Abuja and Enugu at the National Stadium, Abuja on Monday.

The 46-year old president gave Africa the assurance when he said”I believe for the World Cup 2026, because World Cup 2018 and 2022 are already decided, there should be 40 teams.

“And out of the eight more there should be at least two slots for African teams.

“This is what I promised during my campaign and as you know I’m not a dictator but a democratically elected FIFA president, so I have to speak to everyone and listen to everyone as well.

He reiterated his vow to fulfill all his campaign promises, particularly the aspect that has to do with investing more in football development. According to him, “The first was the reforms and they have been implemented. The second is for us to should invest more for football development.

“We have done through by increasing the development fund by four for each member association which had been significantly increased.

“I promised that the secretary general shouldn’t be an European as it was the case in the core history of FIFA, and today, the secretary general is African with Samoura and this is good for Africa. It is about time we try to follow words,” he concluded.

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