AIPS America Re-elects Gabriel Cazenave As President

CALI, July 13, 2017 – Gabriel Cazenave from Paraguay was re-elected AIPS America President on the second day of the XXIV Continental Congress held in Colombia. The assembly met to elect the new Board of Directors, an election in which the 18 representatives gathered in Cali had a voice and vote, and which was attended by AIPS President Gianni Merlo.

The official vote just after 10am local time with the re-election of Mr. Gabriel Cazenave from Paraguay as AIPS America President for the period 2017-2021.

“AIPS America needs to grow in spite of the economic difficulties that exist in several countries of the region. We cannot stay and lament, we must aim to reach our goals, which are: exceeding the number of 1,000 AIPS memberships cards on the continent, maintaining our Annual Congress, continuing with the AIPS Games that already have two editions and strengthening the annual Postgraduate Program in Cuba” Cazenave said after the election.

Carlos Julio Castellanos from Colombia was uncontestably elected first Vice-President. “It is a proud moment but also a huge responsibility that I assume a in a position held by our irreplaceable Enrique Montesinos, but I do it with the challenge of continuing his legacy and with the programs that we have brought to the continent through Acord Colombia. It is a priority to expand our Association in the Americas and to continue improving the training of the Postgraduate Program at the Jose Marti Institute in Havana, Cuba, so that a greater number of colleagues can access the course. Also we will aim to promote AIPS throughout the Americas so it will allow the associations to increase the number of AIPS Memberships cards”.

For the posts of North Vice-President, South Vice-President and Second Treasurer, only one nomination was made, therefore and by acclamation the new members of the Executive Committee are:

North Vice-President: Erick Álvarez Penagos from Guatemala.

South Vice-President: Kleiber Beltrao from Brazil

Deputy Treasurer: Cristian Manuel Torino from Argentina

Subsequently and for the election of the General Secretary, the representatives of Chile, Ignacio Pérez Tuesta and Cristian Torino from Argentina withdrew their postulation, so, the eligible candidates were Moises Ávalos from Nicaragua and Luis Vargas Diaz from Venezuela. After a close competition and after a tie in the first vote round the assembly voted for Moises Ávalos from Nicaragua.

Afterwards, Albert Rico from Mexico was elected as Treasurer and Desney Romeo from Surinam as Director.

For the Fiscal Commission, four candidates were postulated for three seats, Costa Rica: William Mora, Colombia: Estewil Quesada, Paraguay: Gustavo Benitez, Uruguay: Pablo Gacilla y México: Carlos Melo, at the end of the voting Colombia, Paraguay and México were elected as the new members.

Finaly the Honour Council was elected and its new members are Faiver Hoyos from Colombia, Andrés Guevara from México and Hiram Vega from Puerto Rico.

The new AIPS América Executive Committee

Presdient: Gabriel Cazenave – Paraguay

First Vice President: Carlos Julio Castellanos – Colombia

North Vice President: Erick Álvarez Penagos from Guatemala.

South Vice-President: Kleiber Beltrao from Brazil

General Secretary: Moisés Ávalos – Nicaragua.

Treasurer: Albert Rico – Mexico

Deputy Treasurer: Cristian Manuel Torino from Argentina

Director: Desney Romeo – Surinam

Fiscal Commission:

Estewil Quesada – Colombia.

Gustavo Benitez – Paraguay

Carlos Melo – México

Honour Council

Faiver Hoyos – Colombia

Andrés Guevara – México

Hiram Vega – Puerto Rico.

Culled From : AIPS News

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