Angry Brazilian Fans Stone Team Bus Upon Arrival

The Brazilian national team were given an unfair and condemnable welcome by angry fans after their team bus arrived at the capital city from the Russia World Cup.

Brazil lost to Belgium by 2-1 in the quarterfinal of the tournament after putting so much efforts to get a win which yielded no result, yet their fans believed they do not deserve any form of warm welcome for their efforts.

Upon the team bus’ arrival in the capital city with players in it, angry fans ambushed them and threw apples and all kinds of fruits on the team bus, jeopardizing the bus movement which led to a temporal stop by the bus driver.


The team bus temporarily parked with litters of fruits in front of it

Angry fans stoning the bus upon arrival

The bus driver had to wait as fruit juice had covered the front screen of the vehicle, before unarmed police men came around to send the angry fans away and the driver used wiper to clean up the screen before managing a shameful movement.

For a nation that is five-time World Cup champions, such an act is not expected of them, their fans should at least show some signs of maturity, rather than employing a hooliganism approach.

The act is quite condemnable as the fans failed to exhibit sign of true sportsmanship. More so, a team that is willing to win must also be willing to accept defeat but this fans failed to follow this basic principle.

It is also quite unfortunate that the Brazilian team suffered humiliation twice in this World Cup, the first was after defeat from Belgium and the second in the hands of their angry fans.

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