Anthony Joshua Gives £95,000 Personalized Car To His First Boxing Coach

British and Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua has rewarded his first boxing coach Sean Murphy by giving him a brand new personalized BMW car worth £95,000 according to report from BBC.

The gesture came when Anthony Joshua is about to fight Wladimir Klitschko, a fight that would guarantee Joshua to become boxing’s first billionaire.

Anthony Joshua thanked the man who brought him out of the slum when he was living a life that got him into criminal cases and eventually introduced him to boxing.

On a new BBC documentary, while the former bricklayer is driving to his old gym to deliver the car, he revealed: “When I was younger I was partying, I was getting in trouble, I had the court cases.joshua and murphy

“This was the time I thought, ‘What will I do with myself?’. I’d found boxing while on bail and I had the opportunity to go to Vegas to fight.

When Joshua delivered the brand new car to his mentor, Murphy was stunned. Particularly as the car was personalized registration plate with his name on it.

The Sun reported that Murphy said “I’ll be scared to drive it. I remember Josh telling me a long time ago: ‘I’ll look after you’. “But him just winning a world title is enough for me. I can’t believe it, it’s too nice, thank you. Inside I am jumping up and down.”

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