Arsenal Attempts To Achieve The Impossible In Second-Leg Of Champions League Knock-out Clash

Arsene Wenger’s men will be attempting to achieve an impossible feat today, when they host Bayern Munich in the second-leg of the knock-out stage of the champions league at the Emirate Stadium.

Gunners suffered a 5-1 defeat in in the hands of Bayern in their first-leg encounter, giving the visitors an advantage as they travel down to play the second-leg in England, but can Arsenal get a 4-0 win to qualify?

Arsenal will be playing without Özil due to illness, while  Elneny and Cazorla are also out due to ankle injury, and Mertesacker due to knee injury.

Bayern will be playing without Philip Lahm who is out due to suspension, while the host of other destructive players such as Thiago, Müller; Costa, Robben; Lewandowski will all be available for selection, making it very difficult for Arsenal to get a miracle.

Although Gunners may spring surprises, but the last time Arsenal beat Bayern at Emirate was in 2015,the goal margin was 2-0 while a second-leg resulted to 5-1 in Germany.

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