Arsenal Makes More Money Than Any European Club Through Turnstiles But Can’t Keep Their Best Players

The European governing football body (UEFA)  has come up with an update that shows that the London club, Arsenal gets more money than any European club, and this proves Arsene Wenger’s assertion that Arsenal is a club for grooming young players.

The memory still remain painful to Arsenal fans, when Wenger sold Robin van Persie to Manchester United for £24m in 2012 because he was in the final year and the club could not meet with his demands.

The most recent is the move about to be made by Alexis Sanchez who is being rumoured to move to Manchester United, yet the Frenchman believes the club is agreeing to that because they cannot meet-up  the Chilean’s wage demand.

credit:Mirror Sport

Wenger was quoted by Mirror Sport to say “You look at world class players now, you look at Ronaldo, Neymar, Sanchez, their level of financial demands and the level of their costs certainly these players are not affordable. You have to go younger.

“It is more difficult nowadays because the competition is everywhere, it is very big. What is important today is that we are the club that can maybe give the younger players a chance, more than many other clubs.

“Modern football has created a kind of game where the best players in the game are grouped to a small number of clubs. That makes football much more predictable.

“I would say the gap in financial resources between the biggest clubs and the smaller clubs has increased tremendously in the last five years.”

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