Aruna Gets Table Tennis World Cup Invitation

Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri has been given the invitation to be part of the 20-man contingent to the 2018 table tennis Men’s World Cup in France.

The 29-year-old Nigerian international table tennis player qualified for the tournament courtesy of his world ranking.

According to an invitation letter sent to the Nigerian by Zena Sim, head of World Cup and ITTF Challenge, it read: “On behalf of the ITTF, we would like to invite Quadri Aruna to participate in the Liebherr 2018 Men’s World Cup in Paris from 19-21 Oct.

“Quadri Aruna qualified based on his status as 2018 Africa Cup 2nd place (after taking the July World Ranking (WR) in consideration).

According to The Cable the tennis star described the invitation as the reward for hard work.

The source quoted Aruna to say:“After losing the ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup in Kenya, I have not been sleeping because I knew that it is still very possible to qualify through world ranking but I must work a lot for it,” Quadri said.

“I can say that my qualification to the round of 32 in Qatar and Germany as well as some of my important victories in Sweden at the World Championship were enough to secure a place for me in France.

“I am very happy and excited that I finally made it and mission is accomplished. Also the good show I put up at the Hong Kong Open was enough as well.”

The tournament is expected to take place between October 19 and 21.

Players listed for the Men’s World Cup

Omar Assar of Egypt
Aruna Quadri of Nigeria
Ma Long of China
Fan Zhendong of China
Hugo Calderano of Brazil
Gustavo Tsuboi of Brazil
Timo Boll of Germany
Dimitrij Ovtcharov of Germany
Lee Sangsu of South Korea
JEONG Sangeun of South Korea
Simon Gauzy of France
Lebesson Emmanuel of France
Niwa Koki of Japan
Harimoto Tomokazu of Japan
Karlsson Mattias of Sweden
Vladimir Samsonov of Belarus
Wong Chun Ting of Hong Kong
Jonathan Groth of Denmark
Khanak Jha of USA
Hu Heming of Australia

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