Bangladesh Cricketer Pleads For End Of His Ban From Playing Cricket

A Bangladeshi Test cricketer has asked to be allowed to return to the sport after being charged for torturing his 11-year-old housemaid, according to reports from BBC Sport

Shahadat Hossain was suspended by the Bangladeshi Cricket Board (BCB) after he and his wife were arrested on suspicion of torturing the girl.

Mr Hossain, 29, has previously denied abusing Mahfuza Akhter Happy. He is currently out of prison on bail.

He has however apologised for his “mistake” in a news conference.

He said: “I beg forgiveness to the country. To err is human, and I have made a mistake, he pleaded.

“For the sake of Cricket and my livelihood, I want to return to Cricket. I appeal to the nation, the Bangladeshi Cricket Board (BCB), to allow me to return to Cricket and correct my mistake.”

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