Barcelona Are Being Stingy On Their Demand For Phillipe Coutinho

The Catalan giants are in need of the Brazilian midfielder Phillipe Coutinho, but it is obvious that they haven’t made Liverpool the kind of offer necessary according to reports.

The Mirror reports that “It is an unhappy, unpalatable truth their history demands is still spoken in whispered tones, but Liverpool are a selling club”.

They are in a world which not only condones disgusting, dripping wealth, but actively welcomes it. In a world which obscenely distributes that wealth into the hands of a bored, rich, demented few, while many millions are starving, and the rest are barely surviving.

Barcelona were forced to sell Neymar, this connotes that no footballer is unobtainable. That it is a fundamental truth, which any Liverpool fan should waste their breath trying to deny.

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