Barcelona Are More Balanced Since Neymar Left-Rakitic

Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic has claimed that Barcelona are a more balanced side since Neymar left for Paris Saint-Germain during the summer.

The Croatian midfielder has been a key figure as Barca have moved four points clear at the top of La Liga, and while he admits that the departure of the world’s most expensive player has made Barca a lot less “showy” during matches, he’s happy with the way it has allowed his team to evolve.

Mirror Sport quoted an exclusive interview which the Croatian had with Mundo Deportivo to say: “In general, in all the matches, we have had control,” he told an exclusive interview with.

The source further quoted “Before with Ney we had more imbalance and ‘show’ in the three or four years that he was here, maybe we need a little bit of that, which was what Ney gave for himself.

“With the change of system everything changes a little. We have won in balance, in going together, either forward or backward, and what we have to do is improve and finish the matches with ease.”

Rakitic’s teammate Jordi Alba has claimed that he prefers life without Neymar as the Brazilian was often “getting in his way” during matches, but Rakitic disagrees.

“Honestly, I’d prefer Ney,” said Rakitic. “If I had a magic wand and could have him by my side, I would.

“Once he’s gone, he opens many spaces to Jordi or Andres, it’s normal, but I’m sure Jordi would also like to find the pass when Ney was open. When there is such an important change, we have to get together more.

“We’ve talked a lot about Ney, but he’s gone and we’re doing very well.”

Credit:Mirror Sport

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