Barcelona May Not Qualify After 3-0 Loss To Juventus

First let me start by congratulating Juventus for taking full advantage of the opportunities and converting them to goals, confirming that they are actually ready for the cup, they also ensured they kept their unbeaten home record against any European club in the champions league, a record which they have held since 2013.

The 3-0 win reminds me of Coach Allegri’s desire in his pre-match press conference when both sides met in the finals of the 2015 edition of the Champions League, which eventually went to Barcelona. Allegri said ” I wish this final was a two-legged match, it would give me an opportunity to plan well, but because it is a final, I will be forced to come out and attack Barcelona”.

Now that the Italian manager have the opportunity to play a two-legged match, I hope he will be able to face the challenge after getting a vital 3-0 advantage against a Barcelona side that recently overturned a 4-0 deficit. Barcelona’s edging out PSG after a 4-0 win in France is historical, but that cannot be used to compare an Italian side that recently lost to Barcelona in the finals of the 2015 edition, they will have so much to prove.

Barcelona vs Italian Clubs At Camp Nou:

The last time Barcelona played Juventus at Camp Nou was in the 2002/2003 season, the match ended 1-1 but Juventus eventually won after extra time by 1-2, confirming that Juventus has what it takes to score in Camp Nou. But between 2003 to 2015, Barcelona have played hosted three Italian teams in the champions league at Camp Nou a total of seven times, and they have never lost in all their meetings, confirming that hey still have a record to maintain since they were edged out by Juventus in 2003.


Its going to be a tough one for Messi and company when they face Juve in the second leg

2015-Barcelona 6-1 Roma

2013-Barcelona 4-0 Milan

2012-Barcelona 3-1 Milan

2011-Barcelona 2-2 Milan

2009-Barcelona 2-0 Inter

2010-Barcelona 1-0 Inter

2003-Barcelona 3-0 Inter

If Juve must make headway at Camp Nou, then they must be very disciplined and avoid situations that would make them get a card, as Barca are professionals in making their opponents get cards.


It will be very difficult for Barcelona to score four goals at Camp Nou without  Juventus scoring one, hence if Barcelona must qualify, then they must not concede early goal and must be willing to score two goals in the first half of the match, before planning on how to level up. But this will be very difficult task for Barcelona to achieve, but since they have played like super natural human beings at Camp Nou, lets see how this luck will go this time.


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