Bravo Makes Hat-Trick Save To Send Chile To Third Consecutive Finals In Three Years

Manchester City goal-keeper Claudio Bravo became the hero tonight, in the first semifinal match of the Russia 2017 Fifa Confederations Cup between Chile and Portugal. Bravo made three consecutive saves to end Cristiano Ronaldo’s hope of leading Portugal to her second consecutive final with Portugal in a crucial match that went into penalties after fruitless efforts of 120 minutes of play.

Bravo’s hat-trick save, helped Chile reach their third consecutive finals in three years and in three major competitions, but with major interest in Fifa’s  second most recognized football competition for men.

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Alexis Sanchez were unable to make use of the 90 minutes play to decide whose jersey No7 would become more relevant, neither was the extra time enough for both sides to get a winner, but it was Bravo’s heroic saves that made the difference in a high-profile match that made South American champions superior over European champions.

Sanchez got frustrated in the course of the 120 minutes game, after his efforts to get a win proved abortive, but he at least scored Chile’s last and winning goal before Bravo did the final save that gave his side the win.

Chile will become the third South American side to reach the final of the Confederations Cup after Brazil and Argentina, but they will be hoping to become the second South American side to win the trophy after Brazil, when they play the winner between Germany and Mexico in the final.

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