Brazil’s Political And Health Crises May Disrupt Olympic Games

With less than 100 days to the Rio 2016 Olympics, crises still looms in Brazil despite their continuous preparation to host the world’s sport’s greatest showpiece. If the state of a host nation is to be discussed as part of agenda in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, then Brazil as a nation will make athletes lose concentration on the aim of their visit to Rio.


Brazil President Dilma Rousseff, uncertain if she will be on seat by August 5

The incumbent president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff has been accused to have manipulated government’s economic figures prior to the 2014’s election. An impeachment process has been moved to that effect, but she has described this as a “coup” she will fight to the last. A s each day passes, it yet to be ascertained who will be seated as the President of Brazil come August 5, when the opening ceremony will take place.

Aside the presidential impeachment saga, another corruption scandal involving a partly state-owned oil giant petrbras since last year have also been linked with the Olympic infrastructure projects. Worse still, Brazil is in its worst recession since the 1930s based on facts available. According to data released by government at the start of April, it showed industrial output down by 9% year-on-year. The World Bank says the shrinking of Brazil’s economy by 3.8% last year represents its worst performance since 1981.

In fact, about 220,000 members of the Brazilian military who were deployed during the time of the Rio carnival met another battle entirely: The battle of Zika virus.

Since the World Health Organization declared Zika a global public health emergency three months ago. The virus has been shown to cause microcephaly in babies and is linked to some cases of muscle-weakening disease Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults.


Zika virus has led to series of fumigation in Brazil


Brazil’s love for football is keeping the Olympic alive

A smaller number of soldiers have spent most of the year 2016, going from door-to-door across the country, educating and helping residents learn more about the virus. One Brazilian doctor likened to a “horror movie” script — a mosquito-borne disease affecting babies that can also be sexually transmitted, with no cure or vaccine.

The Brazil local organizing committee feels that holding the Olympics in August, which is Brazil’s winter, means mosquitoes will be present in their lowest numbers of the year. A mass fumigation campaign is underway. Athletes at the Games will have free air conditioning (no need to open any windows) and mosquito nets at their disposal.
Unfortunately, the Zika saga is not in anyway affecting tourists interests in storming Rio for the Olympic games, it is the Brazilians themselves that are denting their sales figures Rio’s ticketing department states authoritatively. But with the presence of football in the Olympics, Brazilians may need to have a re-think. “Brazilians have a complicated relationship with the Olympic sports: Football is the religion here and the other sports sometimes only appear on TV every four years. After the Games, they almost disappear.
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