Can Arsenal Still Finish Top Four In The Premier League?

Arsenal have ended Manchester United’s 25-match unbeaten run in the Premier League and kept up their hopes of securing a place in the top four with four matches left for them to end the season.

They are currently seated sixth position on the premier league table with 63 points, two points behind fifth-placed Manchester United and six points behind fourth-placed Manchester City and seven points behind third-placed Liverpool.

Only two teams are certain to have landed themselves in the top four, and that is Chelsea and Tottenham the remaining still have to do something extra to either maintain the top four or find themselves in the top four.

Arsenal win

Granit Xhaka’s first goal gave Arsenal the top four hope, but only time will tell if Gunners will finish top four this season

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has made it clear that his side will concentrate with winning the Europa league rather than finishing top four, as that will be United’s hope of qualifying for the champions league, his words were backed up with actions as he made eight changes in his premier league match against Arsenal which probably gave Gunners the vital win.

Arsenal will be left with contending with either of Liverpool or Manchester City to finish top four. Liverpool have  just two  matches left to end the season, winning the two remaining matches will mean Arsenal will not have an advantage over them irrespective of weather Arsenal win all their remaining matches or not, but losing one will definitely keep them out of the top four if Arsenal can win all their remaining matches.

Manchester City have three matches left to end of season, they have lost all chances of silverware under Pep Guardiola, their only hope now is to finish top four and City manager would not want to compromise with the remaining three matches left. All City needs to finish top four is two wins and one draw. With that Arsenal’s hope of finishing top four is ended irrespective of what Arsenal does with her remaining four matches.

Though gunners have an outstanding match which gives them an advantage over only Manchester United, but that will be as far as they win all their remaining matches and hopes that fourth-placed Manchester City loses at least two matches to enable them sneak into the top four.

Manchester United manager may have said his side is not interested in finishing top four in the premier league, but we will have to wait until after his second-leg match over Celta Vigo in the Europa League to know long he will keep his words.

The fact is Arsenal lost key matches in the premier league this season and this has really affected them in their hope of finishing top four. Moreover Arsenal who have never finished behind Tottenham in premier league history are going to experience such for the first time this season as it is obvious now that Arsenal can never go beyond Tottenham this season.

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