Can Cristiano Ronaldo Lure Tottenham’s Harry Kane To Madrid?

Harry Kane requested to exchange jersey with the four-time ballon d’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo at the Santiago Bernebeau following a 1-1 draw in the Group match of the UEFA Champions League clash between Madrid and Tottenham, and the England striker confirmed he would have the jersey framed.

However, that relationship which has been established by the duo may be seen by many as an attempt to by the Madrid forward to consider getting the Tottenham striker to Madrid, after heavy speculations have been heard heavily linking Kane to Madrid.

Mirror Sport however reported that Harry Kane wants to become a one-club man at Tottenham. According to the source, the England striker has revealed for the first time that he sees his long-term future with the northern London club.

However, one of BT Sport pundits and Tottenham’s legend Glenn Hoddle who spoke after the 1-1 draw at Bernebeu believes that the England striker will one day leave Tottenham.

Harry Kane was quoted to say “It depends on how the club goes forward and managers et cetera, but I’ve said I want to stay here, as we’re in a great place at the moment. The training centre is amazing, the new stadium is coming, the manager is fantastic and we’ve got a young team. So it’s great.”

The England striker is currently a one-man striker at Tottenham and may have doubts going to a club like Madrid going by the fact that the Bernebeu based club loves to parade an array of world-class players, leading to competition among the players.

But can Cristiano Ronaldo do the job of getting Tottenham for for Madrid ?

Harry Kane has also revealed that he respects the Portuguese captain, and he (Ronaldo) being someone whom the England international looks up to may just be the perfect person to help lure the striker to Real Madrid.


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