Can Pep Guardiola Surpass The Success Achieved By Pellegrini In Manchester City?

Manuel Pellegrini is arguably the most successful manager Manchester City have had, the Chilean who took over Manchester City in 2013 won a Premier League with the team in 2014, and two Football League Cups in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The former Madrid boss also led City beyond the group stage of the uefa champions league for the first time, and surprised the predictions of bookmakers who had written City off not to make the semifinal stage, by leading City to her first ever semifinal in the champions league.


Pep must aim to surpass Pellegrini’s record

Much will be expected from Pep Guardiola when he resumes in the summer, the Catalan has a record of winning the domestic league in the first season of all the clubs he had handled, a feat he achieved with Barcelona in 2009 and Bayern Munich in 2014. Pep would therefore be expected to reciprocate such with City irrespective of what happens.

Though winning the domestic league in the England next season this would be a bit tough, considering the fact that developments have taken place in the premiership, Mourinho would be coming in to United, Chelsea have got a new boss, Leicester City will aim to maintain the top spot position, Arsenal moved to second position after ten years, while Tottenham who made top four will also aspire to go higher.This would really give Pep an opportunity to maintain his position as a world-class coach.

As regards the uefa champions league, Pep must first ensure that City who finished fourth on the domestic league table qualify for champions league, by leading the team to a successful outing in the play-off, before thinking of guiding them beyond the semifinal stage of the uefa champions league.

Interestingly, this is the first time Pep would be competing for a league title while his friend Jose Mourinho would also be contesting for the same title with both managers being in the club for the first time.

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