Carragher Calls On Arsenal To Give Wenger A Befitting Send-off Party

Former Liverpool player and club legend Jamie Carragher has called on Arsenal to give Arsene Wenger the respect which he deserve having served the club in the last 21 years.

Carragher who is a pundit spoke after the 3-0 humiliation of Arsenal by Manchester City and told club to announce his departure which should be immediately followed by a befitting send-off party.


Carragher feels the humiliation of having Wenger seat in an almost empty stadium in which the home side were booed off at half and full-time was a big indicator of unaddressed issues in the club.

The Liverpool legend was quoted by Mirror Sport to say:

Carragher called on Arsenal board to save the situation

“I think tonight was nothing about what was happening on the pitch,”.

“I think last season there were scenes at this club and there was anger among supporters. There were marches against Arsene Wenger which I thought were a disgrace. I don’t like that.

“But I think tonight was worse.

“There were a few boos at the end but it wasn’t like it was last season. That was anger. Now it’s almost resignation. They’re just waiting for the manager to go.”

And Carragher feels that state of affairs is unbecoming for a manager who has dedicated so much of his life to the club.

“How sad is that?” he continued.

“I find that sad. This man is a legend. When I was playing it was him and Alex Ferguson as the top two managers battling it out. And you thought ‘wow’.

“He is a legend, not just for Arsenal, but for the English game. But they have to change it now. It has to be done”.

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