Cavani Refused Neymar To Take The Penalty Because of €1m

The most interesting fact about the recent face-off between Paris Saint-German’s forwards Neymar Da Silva and Edinson Cavani has emerged, after Cavani refused Neymar to take the penalty during their 2-0 win over Lyon during the weekend.

The Brazilian who joined PSG from Barcelona during the summer is keen about taking up responsibilities with his new club probably to prove his worth, but he was stopped by club mate and Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani who held on to the ball and refused Brazilian from taking the penalty on Sunday.

According to reports from Mirror Sport Edinson Cavani has a clause in his contract stipulating that if he is the club’s top goal scorer at the end of the season, he will be awarded a €1million bonus. Last year the Uruguay got the bonus and he is very keen to take every opportunity that arises through penalty to increase his tally.

It is however not clear as at Press time whether Neymar has a similar clause in his own contract, even though it wouldn’t come as any surprise if he did, but the Brazilian could be driven by passion to succeed to enable him compete favourably with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo whose goals have helped their clubs excel.

Edinson Cavani who joined PSG since 2013 and have made 139 appearances scoring 95 goals for club, may find it difficult to share penalty opportunities with Neymar, even though Coach Unai Emery has stated that modalities will be mapped out on how the duo will take penalties.


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