Chelsea Fan Caught Stealing Cable In Ilorin

In the midst of the global celebration which Chelsea fans were enjoying after the 1-0 away defeat of Chelsea to win the premier league title, this Chelsea fan made himself happy by stealing cable in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara state in Nigeria.

The Metro reports that the suspect has been arrested by the police for stealing electrical cable hours after his team won the English Premier League title in Kwara state capital.

Chelsea suspect

The suspect been taken away by the police in Ilorin

The victim broke into an electrical shop located at Taiwo road in Ilorin, a few hours after Chelsea won the Premier League with saw and intention to do away with  the electrical cable before he was rounded up by the police.

According to eye witness account by Abdul Momoh, Adeleke was seen by a passing-by  motorist who then alerted people that were around before he was caught and beaten to coma before the police arrested him.

Momoh further explained that the suspect confessed  that he had been inside the shop immediately Chelsea won West Brom to cling their 6th title.


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