Chris Froome Assist A Fan Propose To Girlfriend After Winning Tour de France

Chris Froome won the Tour de France for the fourth time on Sunday, but this win looks a bit different as the Tour de France champion assisted a fan make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend in public.

Report from The Telegraph has it that Footage shared on Twitter shows the moment a fan enlists the champion cyclist for the special surprise just moments after Froome wins the race.

In the video, Tom Calverley introduces Froom to his girlfriend, Amy, before Froome passes a ring box to Mr Calverley.

Froome was also quoted to say “I’ve been carrying this around for three weeks with me”.

Mr Calverly who showed concern for Froome’s performance in the championship asked Froome as he prepares to bend down on one knee, “Is that what almost made you lose it, do you think?”.

The Telegraph also reported that the caption on of the same incident on a a second video posted by the same Twitter user reads “And she says yes!!!” before the camera locks onto the couple kissing passionately.

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