Countdown To Rio Olympics: Horses Begin To Jet In For Olympics

Preparations for the the Rio 2016 Olympic games continues, as horses needed for the games are already finding their way to Brazil via flight the BBC reports.

The horses will stand for the duration of the 12-hour flight. But it may be more restful than the average ride in a horsebox over pot holes and around roundabouts, with controlled temperature zones to keep things comfortable – and there will be plenty of time to nap.

Each horse has an individual limit for the flight which includes its own weight plus items such as water buckets, tack bags and rugs.

There will be 34 horses on board when the first flight leaves Stansted on 30 July, with a combined weight of more than 17 tonnes and a combined value running into millions of pounds.

Horses will be used in games such as Equestrian Dressage, Equestrian Eventing, Equestrian Jumping and Modern Pentathlon.

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