Cristiano Ronaldo Gets More Severe Punishment After Copying Lionel Messi

Few seconds after Messi removed his shirt, the final whistle was heard..

Cristiano Ronaldo was sent-off from the pitch barely two minutes after he celebrated his goal by removing his jersey on the field during play, an action which may be likened to what Lionel Messi did and did not get same punishment. But how did this come to be.

The Real Madrid forward started from the bench and when he came in 58th of play, he established his presence in the 80th minutes by scoring Madrid’s second goal that gave his side the lead, he went further to remove his shirt, earning himself a yellow card with 10 more minutes left to end the match.

Two minutes after Ronaldo removed his shirt, he was sent off

Perhaps, Ronaldo should have been more careful after the first yellow card, but barely two minutes after that, he got a second yellow and a red for diving, making it obvious that he probably did not do his calculations well before removing his shirt after scoring.Lionel Messi was probably a better person in timing than Ronaldo, Messi scored Barca’s winning goal in last season’s 3-2 second-leg clash, he removed his shirt during celebration, and barely 5 seconds after, the final whistle was heard making his yellow card insignificant as far that match was concerned.

On the other hand Ronaldo who was known for jumping and backing the crowd, felt it would be nice to copy Messi, but he was less luckier, he ended up heaping pressure on his side two minutes after, though Marco Asensio third goal calmed the pressure and sealed up victory.

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