Darkness Looms As Mourinho Suffers First Ever Worst Home Defeat

Jose Mourinho seems to be in a most difficult situation in his coaching career following United’s 3-0 home loss to Tottenham at the Old Trafford Stadium on Monday evening.

Manchester United have lost two of their three opening premier league games since 1992-1993 and the 55-year-old Portuguese manager who started well upon arrival at Old Trafford by winning the League Cup and Europa Cup in his first season is yet to secure a premier league title with United.

Manchester United finished second behind Manchester City in his second season, and that gave some hope to the Old Trafford fans that United could contend favourably with the defending champions Manchester City.

Unfortunately, Tottenham’s historic 3-0 win over United at Old Trafford leading to United’s subsequent drop to 13th position on the premier league table is a clear indication that the Portuguese’s manager will need to do more to actualize whatever plan he has in mind to win the premier league with United.

Jose Mourinho has spent over £300m since arrival at Manchester United in 2016, and it is expected that by now Mourinho would have raised a team that could win convincingly rather than suffer a heavy blow which led to his side’s drop below the 10th position in their first three premier league matches.

Mourinho has no excuse to give he has to rise and face the tough situation, otherwise find himself in a position where it may just be difficult for the board to renew his contract.

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