Dele Alli: The Nigerian Prince Who Played Against His Father’s Land

England beat Nigeria 2-1 in the World Cup warm-up match, but anyone who watched the friendly would probably notice that there was a constant booeing of England’s Dele Alli each time he held on to the ball by Nigerian fans.

What would have led to such, when ordinarily the Three Lions Star should be getting praises for playing on a pitch where he is used to and where obviously is his home pitch.

Well, this is the reason, Mirror Sport reports that Tottenham midfielder Alli turned down the opportunity to play for the Super Eagles, his father Kehinde is a Nigerian multi-millionaire businessman.

The source further quoted Kehinde as saying: “If Dele went back to Nigeria now it would be crazy. He would have a presidential welcome wherever he goes.

Everybody watches him play and is proud of him. It opens door for him being a prince. He can talk to our prime minister and the president if he wants to.” Mirror Sport added.

“Dele being a prince in Nigeria is absolutely massive. It would give him a lot of respect if he returned to live here and maybe one day he could be King of the Yoruba tribe. It means a lot of houses, cars and enormous wealth.”

The away fans who were present at Wembley were not bothered by any royalty to Alli, as they jeered him and made fun each time he touched the ball. But was he bothered?

However, his right and decision also need to be respected even though booeing has become an essential part of modern football in this generation.

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