Do Referees Really Favour Barcelona?

Fernando Torres of Atletico Madrid got a marching order from German referee Felix Brych, after getting a second yellow card in their first leg of the quarterfinal match at Camp Nou, and critics believe that Barcelona have always been favoured in the champions league.

No doubt, the red card reduced the tempo of Atletico, and increased the attacking pace of Barcelona, who eventually won 2-1, giving them an advantage as they travel to Atletico for the second leg encounter in the quarterfinal match.


Ramos got his 21st Red Card against Barcelona on April 2

While critics argue that Barcelona have always been favoured, I am yet to see any argument against officiating in a match against Barcelona, that contradict the provisions of The Laws of The Game, as contained in FIFA’s status. This to a large extent should suggest that these arguments are centred on emotions.

Felix Brych is a referee with integrity, and I am not really sure the German will want to descend low to such manner, as been bought over by Barcelona.

Sergio Ramos got his fourth El Classico and 21st red card, barely two weeks before Fernando Torres was given a marching order on the pitch, but critics failed to fault any critical fault leading to the red card, even though Madrid still won. However, it only became a reference point when Torres was penalized.


Pepe once got his share while Mourinho was in charge of Madrid

Barcelona is a team that plays “beautiful and attractive football”. Any team that plays their type of football will definitely compel a ‘ball-thirsty and aggressive opponent’ to get booked and that is what actually happens in most cases.

While critics argue that teams playing against Barcelona get booked easily, but the case has always been that Barcelona possess the ball more and their opponent get booked, no team has ever possessed the ball more than Barcelona and yet get booked.

More so, it is also important to note that the referees are all humans, they also have a chance to make mistakes and have at least less than 30 seconds to make a decision on field of play. But all referees must submit a report at the end of match on why they took certain decisions.

In all cases where these decisions are made, referees have never had the privilege to watch a replay of the incident on field of play. But viewers are actually privileged to watch several replays, giving viewers better chances to review their decisions or opinion, than the centre referee who is the final judge.

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