Don’t Call Me A Failure If Manchester United Fail To Win Europa League-Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has put up a defense for himself ahead of the May 24 Europa League final clash at Stockholm, where United will clash with Ajax in the final to determine who wins the second tier Europe’s title according to reports from Sky Sport.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss insists that Europa League success should not determine whether his first season in charge of Manchester United is viewed as a success or failure.

When the United boss was asked if the Europa League final will determine whether his first season in charge was a success or failure, Mourinho said: “I think the media has the right to say [that] and it makes sense to say it.

“But I don’t feel like that. I don’t want the players to feel like that. I don’t think the board feels like that because we have worked very hard.

“I probably worked this season harder than ever. So for me personally, I don’t think that way.” Mourinho told Sky Sport.

United have been difficult to beat under Mourinho, losing only four Premier League matches, which is tied with Tottenham for the lowest total in the league.

But their 14 draws are a league high, and their total of 51 goals scored is at least 17 less than each of their top six rivals.

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