Dutch Cow Predicts Ajax To Win Europa League Final Against Manchester United

A famous COW in Holland known for predicting the result of football matches has made its prediction on the Europa League final, but its prediction appears to be unfavourable and unacceptable to fans of Manchester United.

According to The Sun, the COW named Sijtje believes that Jose Mourinho’s side will have to endure defeat in Stockholm as they will lose the final match of the Europa League to Ajax.

The two former European champions go head-to-head on Wednesday, with United hoping to use the success of the match to book a place in next season’s champions league. Ajax have already qualified for the champions league through her league and will only need the trophy for the purpose of win.

cow predict holland

In 2014 World Cup the cow predicted that Netherlands will beat Mexico and it came to pass

The Sun further reports that the psychic Sijtje , who has 85 per cent success rate in games prediction, was let loose to predict who will be crowned Europa League champions.

The exercise took place with two buckets laid out with each club’s emblem stamped on the front, the owner then fills each one up with food.

Sijtje is then let out of its enclosure and whichever bucket it eats from first supposedly goes on to win the match.

After looking over both buckets of food the cow eventually sticks his face in the Ajax bucket predicting that the Ajax would go ahead to win the trophy when both sides clash on Wednesday in the one-off final.

The video was posted to the cow’s dedicated Facebook page which is liked by over 1,100 people and has currently been shared over 800 times.

It will be recalled that during the 2014 World Cup, same cow predicted that Holland will beat Mexico and it came to pass.

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