Eden Hazard: Chelsea Better Under Conte Than Mourinho’s Era

Chelsea play-maker Eden Hazard believes that the blues can “play with their eyes closed” under Antonio Conte.

According to Mirror Sport ,the superstar Belgian insisted he improved after a week of working with Conte – after two years managed by Jose Mourinho.

Eden Hazard strongly believes that the understanding between the current squad is now so strong that it is almost telepathic.

Hazard was quoted by Mirror Sport to say: “There’s a lot of tactics. It’s not always nice as a forward as you have to run, defend and everything, but at least at the weekend, you know exactly what to do, you can even close your eyes and play. That’s good.

“We work a lot. It’s not always easy in training, there are a lot of hours of training, but it bears fruit on the pitch. We play well, we won last year. You can see that that’s the key to success: work.”

Asked whether he’d benefited from Conte’s sessions to improve the players’ tactical understanding, he said: “You have to. Even after a week I think I had progressed with him.

“But I think he’s shown not just at Chelsea but also at Juve that he’s a good coach and I think he has some good years ahead of him.” The Belgian said.

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