Emmanuel Petit Believes Arsene Wenger Is Tired And Should Resign As Gunners Boss

Formal Arsenal player and World Cup World Cup winner Emmanuel Petit has come out to advise the Gunners boss to resign and allow the club move forward to the next level.

Petit, who is also a member of Arsenal’s 1998 double winning squad, believes the French man is tired but need to be realistic and make the right decision for the club to move forward. The former Gunners players was quoted by Mirror Sport saying:

“I see him on the bench, he looks tired physically, you can see the pressure on his face, the frustration. Every time he has to answer the same questions about himself

“I have the feeling that he is tired of it. That’s my opinion. He’s tired. He’s probably angry about not being given the consideration for what he’s done for Arsenal and the Premier League.

“But Arsene knows better than anyone that, in football, what you have done, what you have won is the past and when you won trophies like he did in the first few years that he set the level of expectation very high.

Petit also believes that Arsene Wenger must be ready to get objective and an honest criticism from those whom he really calls his friend and not see them as his enemies as they are the people who will gladly tell him the truth irrespective of the position he takes.

The source quoted him to say: “But when you have a friend, a good friend, you expect them to tell you the truth and to be honest with you and to tell you the truth even when you disagree or don’t like the truth.

“That’s something I would expect from my best friend. ‘Be honest with me even if you know I won’t like it’. I think Arsene knows the reality of the situation. I am sure that he is upset with former players talking about Arsenal and Arsene, the way the club is managing the players, the frustration with former players and how unhappy he is with what they say in public.

The former Arsenal player also thanked Wenger for what he did for him back in 1998 when he (Petit) came to the club.

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