England FA May Ban Guardiola Tonight After Arsenal Clash

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is close to getting a ban from the English FA following the allegations of the Spaniard continuously wearing a yellow ribbon in support of the jailed Catalonian politicians.

The City boss has stated that he will not allow his personal views to ‘damage’ City and is prepared to stop wearing a yellow ribbon in support of jailed Catalonian politicians.

MailOnline reports that “He has been charged by the FA for making a political statement having twice ignored formal warnings to stop displaying the ribbon on the touchline”.

Further reports from the source had stated that “Guardiola faces a fine on this occasion but could be banned from the touchline if he continues to commit the same offence.

He wore the ribbon in Sunday’s 3-0 win over Arsenal, and it remains to be seen if he does so again at the Emirates.

Asked if he would stop when the threat of a ban became detrimental to his team, Guardiola replied: ‘Of course, I don’t want to damage my team or club. They know my opinion, it’s simple like that, the source disclosed.

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