England Goes Trophy-less For Three Consecutive Years In Europe, As Leicester City Prepare To Do The Magic.

The situation became sad for English football yesterday night, as Liverpool failed to cling the only available European title for England. It is indeed a moment for the cling of the ‘wake-up’ bell for English teams that would be coming to Europe next season in all tournaments.

The last time an English team won a title in Europe was in 2013, when Chelsea won the Europa league title, and have since then gone into oblivion as far as European football is concerned.

Since 2013, the only English team to have gotten to the final of any European tournament is Liverpool, as they eventually took a bow to trophy-thirsty Sevilla in Basel.

Unfortunately, the last time an English team played in the final of the UEFA Champions League was in 2012, when Chelsea eventually won it in the final against Bayern Munich. England have since then distanced themselves from the champions league final.

Manchester City stood for England in the champions league up to the semifinal stage, but the pressure from the Spanish giant, Real Madrid, was so much that they had to take a bow from Europe. With Pep Guardiola coming on next season to City, things are expected to turn around for England in Europe.

A new breed of teams will be flooding Europe from England next season, as the champions league welcome Leicester City who will be making their debut in the tournament. Tottenham and the regular Arsenal, will carry the burden of England on their shoulder. While Manchester City will have to play the play-off to ascertain if they will make it.

How far then will Leicester, Tottenham and Arsenal go next season.

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