English Premier League: Who Are The Top Four Contenders?


They are arguably the yet to be declared winner of the 2015/2016 season premier league title. They have been comfortably seated on the premier league table for the past three months. Arsenal trailed them earlier but when Gunners could not meet-up, they voluntarily gave up the chase and the Foxes still maintained their top spot position.

The happiest thing that will happen to Leicester City this season is to win the league for the first time in grand style, while the worse is to finish second. Only Leicester can decide to lose the League, but not after what Ranieri and his men have gone through being on top in the premier league. The issue of top four is out of the way for Leicester City. With four matches left for Leicester, all they need is three straight wins, and they could be crowned champion before their final league match.

Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City Manager


Tottenham woke up in December and stamped their feet at the top four, patiently and tactically they waited. When Arsenal got tired of being in second position, they climbed up and clinged to the second position since January. They have their eyes on the title,  as they trail Leicester patiently, hoping that some upsets could set in for them to take advantage and cling to the top position.

Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham Hotspur Manager

Tottenham finishing top four this season can not be argued, they have crossed deep sea and climbed high mountains to finish top four and possibly earn a place in Europe next season. With five more matches left for them, all they need is continue to win and pretend as though the word “lose” does not exist.


City are not new to the top four position, ever since when they won their first premier league title in 2011/2012 season. They have hence made it a point of duty to finish in top four every season. They are the most distracted club in the premier league trying to finish top four this season, as have their eyes in the champions league title as well as the domestic league. But it seems their dream of winning the premier league this season may not come to pass.

Pellegrini men were once in the fourth position, but thanks to Arsenal’s 1-1 home draw against Crystal Palace on Sunday, and their earlier 3-0 defeat of defending champions Chelsea, which made them crawl to the third position with 60 points on tie with Arsenal

Manuel Pellegrin

Manuel Pellegrini, Manchester City Manager

who are now seated in fourth position. They need to be consistent in the premier league, to keep their dream of finishing top four alive.


Gunners are arguably one team that have a tradition of finishing top four irrespective of what happens. They practically don’t want to be on top and are willing to finish fourth on the table provided they are going to Europe the next season. Arsenal were once on top and seem to be having a ding-dong affair with Leicester City in the first and second position, when they woke up one morning and dropped back to their loving fourth position.

It will be difficult for Arsenal to go below the fourth position, just as it would also be unrealistic for them to finish second or third this season, having given City an opportunity to climb up. They are not in anyway interested in the title, but are always interested in the top four. Gunners will need some luck to go Europe next season if they remain in fourth position, and that will depend on uefa’s position on the number of slots to be given to England.

Arsene Weng

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal Manager


United’s woe started in 2013/2014, when former manager Sir Alex Ferguson retired and Moyes evicted United from top four to the seventh position. Van Gaal tried upon his appointment to make the best out of United, but succeeded in taking United back to fourth position the next season.

Currently United are in the fifth position with 56 points, and are trailed by West Ham who still hope that the Red Devils could drop in points for them to take over. With five matches left to end of season, United are also hoping that either of Arsenal or their neighbour Manchester City could do them a favour by losing and drawing two matches. That is just the boost they will need to get to the top four.

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