EPL Weekend of Sorrow: Chelsea Lose Crucial match, City May Not Finish Top Four, Newcastle Return Back To Relegation,

Just as some teams rejoice at their new status in the English Premier League with one more match to go, a few other other teams found the weekend uninteresting and filled with a mixture of sorrow and uncertainty based on their performances.

Manchester City’s last match of the season at Etihad, which serves as Manuel Pellegrini’s send-forth match was met with a heavy blow as Arsenal forced his side to a 2-2 draw, truncating their hope of finishing top four this season. Chelsea was met with a heavy blow as the black cats thrash them 3-2 to keep them in the ninth position of the table irrespective of what happens on last day of match.

Newcastle slipped back to the relegation zone after failing to score against Aston Villa, a goal was what Benitez men needed but it did not come and that meant going back with one more match left. Former title contenders Tottenham did not miss out in the shock as they were beaten at home by Southampton.


Chelsea failed to win as the black cats beat them 3-2. The loss keeps Chelsea at ninth position but may go below if they fail to win next match


Benitez’s side suffered a heavy blow at the weekend as they returned back to the relegation zone with just one match to go. Failure to score one goal against Aston Villa took them back

Manuel Pellegrini’s last home match at Etihad was not really a good one for City, as they are now faced with a situation of not finishing top four. It was a terrible way for a manager who has put in so much for City.


Once again Tottenham fail to win after Chelsea compelled them to an away 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge. But this time, they suffered a heavy defeat at home in the hands of a more determined Southampton.

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