Equal TV Rights In Spain May Be Affecting Madrid And Barcelona

The decision by the Spanish FA to introduce equal TV sharing rights among football clubs in the Spanish La Liga in the 2016/2017 season, may just be the reason for the under performance of Real Madrid and Barcelona after match week 7 in the La Liga.

Both teams have played seven matches since the begin of this seasons, and have won four matches each, with Madrid having three draws while Barcelona have suffered two losses and one draw which is a contrast of what the two clubs were previously known for before now.

Real Madrid and Barcelona used to enjoy negotiating their individual TV rights in the past, which has made the two clubs get as much as 50% of the available TV rights, while the remaining teams are left to get the remains of what is left. This freedom has made the two clubs get as much as 140m each, while some clubs get as low as 10m in the same league, leading to the two clubs having the purchasing power which they need at all times.

The new TV policy may not have affected the wealth of the two clubs, but at least, they did not do any major signing during the summer transfer, and this may just be assumed to be the major cause of their performance after week 7.

Though there is a clause in the new TV rights policy that does not allow any club to earn any amount less than what was earned previously, this may have also made it difficult for the two clubs get a more juicy package.

Madrid are seated on second position but tied on points with Atletico Madrid who are on top, while Barcelona who suffered a 4-3 defeat against Celta Vigo in their last La Liga away match are on the fourth position.

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