Euro 2016: Tears Continue In England Over Loss To Iceland

England are yet to get over the shock of their defeat by Iceland, a nation considered not to be a football nation, as the best way the team are expressing their premature exit from the Euro 2016 is consistent tears on part of players and the nation.

England national team coach resigned, the humiliation and embarrassment was unbearable, but that was not enough for players and a nation that rejoiced when they learnt that they were going to play Iceland in the round of 16 stage of the championship. They probably would have written off Iceland, considering it as a nation that had no business with football.

As at June 2016, which happens to be the month of the Euro 2016, England stood 11th on the FIFA ranking table, while Iceland stood at the 34th position. The disparities in the two teams did not in anyway reflect in the result gotten, as Iceland won the match in the first 20 minutes and held on to it till the end of the match.

Players from the English camp were restless, some preferred the ground to open and swallow them rather than face the shame of being part of the historical losing team that were defeated by Iceland. Sleep was far from their programme as it was practically replaced with tears and gnashing of teeth.

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