FIFA U-20 World Cup: New “Ronaldo” Scores Late For Mexico, To Send Senegal Packing From Tournament

Mexico are through to the quarter-final of the on going FIFA U20 World Cup after getting a narrow and late 1-0 win in the 89th minutes to send Senegal packing from the tournament.

The only goal of the match was scored by late substitute Ronaldo Crisneros who was introduced in the 81st minutes. After just 8 minutes of play in the field, the Mexican proved he could carry the burden of the Mexican side the same way Cristiano Ronaldo would do for his nation or club in time of need.

The match remained goalless at half time and till the time the goal-drought was broken, as both sides were being careful not to commit any blunder that could give her opponent a goal.

The late goal gave confidence to the North American’s who improved on their attack with the hope securing a second goal, but that brought some frustration for the African side with Senegalese Badji getting a yellow card in the 90th minutes for a foul play.

Senegal’s hope of complementing the effort of Zambia to carry on the African flag in the championship, met a premature end after Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir blasted the final whistle to put the game to an end.

Mexico will have to face England on Monday in the quarter-final stage of the tournament and will be hoping to make another difference when they take the English side.

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