First Child To Undergo Double-Hand Transplant Now Plays Baseball

The miracle child Zion, who is the first child to undergo a double hand transplant can now swing a baseball bat and perform an array of other tasks with his hands after a successful surgery, courtesy of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia according to report from the BBC Sport.

Zion’s hands and feet were amputated when he was two years old after they were affected by an infection, leading to a gathering of surgical teams from three different hospitals to battle with attaching the donor hands to the boy’s arms at the theatre.

An online video published on the BBC Sports website, confirmed that Zion’s body rejected the donor hands eight times, before an immuno-suppression drugs were used to help suppress the rejection.

Zion who showed appreciation for the gesture and love shown on him was also seen gripping and throwing a basket ball in the video, he also performed other domestic tasks that were difficult for him to perform before then.

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