FYNSKE Bank Multisport World Championships Festival Holds In Denmark

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Denmark will host the Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival from 5-14 July, 2018 according to reports available on the official website of the event organisers. The source further disclosed that visitors from all over the world will be experiencing five world championships and several side events within the same week wrapped in a huge international multisport festival as Fyn provides water, roads and soil for some of the worlds best athletes in duathlon, cross triathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and triathlon.

The source further disclosed that the festival is not exclusivley for the elite but for everyone – ranging from Age Group athletes and seasoned veterans to beginners doing their first multisport event ever. Everyone is invited to gather around a week of celebrating sport, happines and excercise in the three municipalitites of Odense, Svendborg and Middelfart in the summer of 2018!

The five world championships (duathlon, cross triathlon, aquathlon, aquabike and long distance triathlon) will be held in the cities of Odense, Svendborg and Middelfart across one of the most beautiful islands in the Northern hemisphere: Fyn. King’s Garden in Odense will be the festival center of the various events and will be transformed to central venue for the entire festival. Here you’ll experience Sport & Lifestyle EXPO, several goal line finishes, medal ceremonies, concerts and much more. All the host cities will be buzzing with world championships atmosphere the entire festival!

Behind Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival are a number of partners: Sport Event Fyn, Sport Event Denmark, Odense Municipality, Svendborg Municipality, Middelfart Municipality, Danish Triathlon Federation.

Facts about Fynske Bank Multisport World Championships Festival:

  • The festival takes place on July 5 – 14, 2018 in the cities Middelfart, Svendborg and Odense
  • The festival consists of 5 world championships in the disciplines: Duathlon, Aqua Bike, Cross Triathlon and Long Distance Triathlon
  • The world championships and the open races will be wrapped up in a festival, where people from all over the world gather around sport, the joy of life and festivities.
  • The event is organized in close cooperation between the Danish Triathlon Federation, Sport Event Denmark, Sport Event Fyn, RaceMakers, the municipalities of Odense, Svendborg and Middelfart and ITU.


Credit: fyn2018.com

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