Gerard Pique Describes Lionel Messi With Words That Is Difficult To Accept

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has paid tribute to teammate Lionel Messi, but he claims that it’s often what you don’t see him do that make him so special.

Pique first played with Messi when he was just 13, and after moving back to the club from Manchester United in 2008 he’s played alongside the Argentinean as Barca have enjoyed the most successful period in their history.

And in an excellent and wide-ranging article in the Players’ Tribune , he claims that the subject of Messi is something that he is often asked about.

“People often ask me what it has been like playing with Messi for so many years,” he wrote. “If I had to explain it in one sentence: He is an alien.

Pique and Messi have enjoyed successes with Barcelona since 2009

“He is not from this planet” Pique said.

“He’s the only player that I can recall seeing play for the first time, way back when we were 13 years old, and saying to myself, “Oh, this kid comes from somewhere else. This is not human.”

“He is an assassin. He’s the greatest I’ve ever seen. But, you see, it’s not about the way he attacks.

People ask me, “What’s the most incredible thing I’ve seen Leo do on the pitch?” And they expect me to tell them about him dribbling three defenders. And trust me, I have plenty of those stories.

“But for me, the reason that I know he’s from another planet is because of what happens when he doesn’t have the ball.

“Perhaps you can’t see it on TV, but I can see it on the pitch. You have to see his face when he’s sprinting to win the ball back from a defender.

“He has a look in his eyes that I haven’t ever seen in another footballer. It is what makes him so great. He is not interested in the spectacle.

“He rarely even does stepovers. He’s cut from a different cloth. His greatness is in his obsession with winning the ball.

“Maybe that doesn’t make for a great headline. But when I think about Messi’s true magic, it’s not in something you can find on YouTube.

“It’s about a subtle expression in his eyes. His greatness would take me another 5,000 words to explain.

“Perhaps in another article!”

Credit: Mirror Sport

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