Guardiola Implements Dress Code Policy On Players Ahead of Monaco Clash

Pep Guardiola has not restricted his team to quality football playing alone as the former Barcelona manager has knack for quality dress code.

The team leave for Monaco ahead of the second-leg clash, and all players and assistant coach appeared in an outfit that shows Manchester City uniform squad.

dress code 2

The duo of Sagna and Toure in team uniform

The Spaniard have established himself as a football fashion icon in his eight years as a manager, he has since arrival to Etihad, imposed his fashionable standard on the team squad as well as staff, and this was particularly made obvious during their trip to Barcelona.

The dress code this time around consist of combination of black turtle-neck tops beneath charcoal-grey suits, with black shoes to fit.

Though Raheem Sterling was seen wearing a black baseball cap, that has to do with express permission from the City boss who is now being regarded as a perfectionist fashion-icon football manager.

In fact, not even assistant manager Brian Kidd was exempted from the team uniform, all adjusted to the managers taste.



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