Guinea Bissau Begs Nigerian Coach For Help In Rio Olympics

Guinea Bissau’s desire to win an Olympic medal at the on going Rio Olympics Games may be tied around the technical assistance to be provided by Nigeria’s Technical Director of Wrestling and President of Wrestling Federation of Nigeria, Dr Daniel Igali according to Vanguard.

Dr Igali has been approached by Guinea Bissau to provide technical assistance to their Wrestlers as they put finishing touches before going on to pursue glory in the Olympics. According to Igali, “they approached me and we have been working together, its a helping hand to a sisterly African country he said.

Igali who won Olympic Gold medal for Canada at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Game is also leading a squad of Nigerian Wrestlers to the Rio Olympic Games. He however assured that the assistance he is providing for Guinea Bissau will not in any way distract him from focusing on Nigeria’s mission at the Rio Olympics. Ighali also noted that his squad is ready to win medals at the games.

Igali who won gold medal for Canada in the 2000 Sydney Olympic games was celebrated and has since been elevated to become an icon. He receives kits from Canada each time he comes to the Olympics, and the Olympian siad he has always been grateful for that.

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