“We Are Happy That Aruna Quadri Did Not Play In The Final”-Sharath Achanta

India beat Nigeria in the men’s team table tennis final to win the gold medal and India’s Sharath Achanta has revealed that Aruna’s non participation in the game was a motivation for his side.

Quadri Aruna flew in from his base in Portugal a few hours before Nigeria’s semifinal match and was not used, as it was expected that the Nigeria’s number one needed adequate rest before taking part in any game.

35-year-old Sharath Achanta who also helped his side to secure gold in the event revealed that the presence of Quadri Aruna before the final put fear into his team, but they were relieved when they saw he was not going to play.

Though Quadri Aruna was kitted for the final match between Nigeria and India, but he was mostly seen on the bench providing technical support for the team.

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