Harry Kane’s Four Goals Will Make Situation Worse For Arsenal

Harry Kane’s four goals in Spurs win of Leicester City takes him two goals ahead of Everton striker Romelu Lukaku who was probably celebrating to emerge as the highest goal scorer for the season with his already 24 goals scored.

The goals would be a wake-up call for Lukaku, who need to score at least three goals to enable him take the lead back on last day of season, and hopes that Harry Kane does not score any on final day of the season.

This development may look like  bad news for Arsenal, who will be looking for a win to enable them finish top four, but will be playing against an Everton side that will project a determined Lukaku.

Lukaku’s desire to surpass Harry Kane’s goals will definitely lead him to pursue an excellent performance as that happens to be the only solution to the current situation.

Arsenal will also be looking forward to Middlesbrough to assist them beat Liverpool, while they try slugging it out with Everton at the Emirate stadium.


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