Heroes of The Sport: The Only Basketball Player That Paid 80 Cows To Marry His Wife

Sudanese born Manule Bol who stood at 7 ft 7 inches tall is said to be the tallest player in NBA history. He is the only Basketball player to have killed a Lion with a spear while watching over cattle in his home town and paid a bride-price of 80 cows for his wife.

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Bol is the only player in NBA history to block more shots than points scored, blocking 2,086 shots and scoring 1,599 points. Aside being a basketball player, Bol is also a political activist.

With his great height and very long limbs, Bol was one of the league’s most imposing defensive presences. Along with setting the rookie shot blocking record in 1985–86, over the course of his career Bol tied for the NBA record for the most blocked shots in one half (eleven) and in one quarter (eight, twice). On January 31, 1992, in a game against the Orlando Magic he blocked four consecutive shots within a single possession. Throughout his career, he blocked a shot an average of every 5.6 minutes of playing time.

However, Bol’s other basketball skills were very limited, and his rail-thin physique made it difficult for him to establish position against the league’s bulkier centers and power forwards. The sight of the tall, gangly Bol spotting up for a three-pointer during blow-outs became a fan favorite. Off the court, he established a reputation as a practical joker;Charles Barkleya frequent victim of his pranks, attested to Bol’s sense of humor. Bol also developed a close friendship with Warriors teammate Chris Mullin and named one of his sons after him.


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