How Did Manchester City Get To This Level ?

I watched Totenham’s game with Manchester City yesterday and I confirmed my earlier assertion that Long-term investment is the only way forward for sports development generally.
From Manchester City bench came Kevin De Bruyne, Vincent Company and Gabriel Jesus and it is surprising that City could be playing a game now with all these array of stars all seated despite their winning. It shows that the club has made an investment that is gradually picking up.
For the sake of the records, the Abu Dhabi United Group and family that bought Manchester City precisely on September 1, 2008 will be seated now and heave a sigh of relief as they watch their investment performance in 10 years, (September 1,2008-September 1, 2018) grow to such a manner that City has now become a club that has moved from second tier European club to an elite club in Europe where its name can now be mentioned among the power houses.

Vincent Company was the only player then in 2008, when the club was struggling, he was patient enough to also watch the investment grow just as he also developed. Manchester City jersey was never worn by fans in England then, hence Company was trying to believe he was even playing football in a club, but today he is surely convinced.

Pep Guardiola on the touchline giving out instructions to the boys

When the new owners bought and promised to change the club, they wanted to buy big players, every big player they approached was not interested until they eventually grabbed the signature of Robinho from Real Madrid. He was the first big player City ever signed in 2008. Kaka turned City’s request to have him but I am sure that today he would probably give it a chance if approached again. However, Vincent Company never believed that he would one day be seated in the dressing room with Robinho, but it eventually came to pass.
Ten years after this investment, Manchester City is currently 8th in Europe and the no 1 English club on the UEFA Clubs Coefficient ranking, on the list are as follows 1. Real Madrid, 2. Barcelona 3. Bayern Munich 4. Atletico Madrid 5. Juventus 6. Sevilla 7. Paris Saint German 8. Manchester City 9. Arsenal 10. Porto
Also let me quickly add that the arrival of Pep Guardiola was to compliment the aspiration of the club owners, Guardiola was hired, not basically to make the team finish among top four in England but to put City among the elites club in Europe. For the first time in the lives of the players early this year (January- March), the players had a feel of what it looks like to be among elites club in Europe after they were on top of the premier league and also found themselves competing for other major trophies both at the domestic level and continental level eventually they won two, premier league and the league cup.
Also, the long-term unbeaten record which Barcelona held against City was broken in his first season in charge, when City beat Barcelona 3-1 under the new manager. Today, City are defending champion in the premier league and some fans would have expected that Tottenham would stop City from going back to the top, but they could not, City went back on top after a 1-0 victory at the Wembley Stadium, becoming the first team to win 5 consecutive premier league games at the Wembley Stadium.
In fact, when City traveled to Anfield for their away premier league game, many had thought they would lose as they have failed to win there in quite a long time, but they got a draw, and if I may add, Liverpool narrowly escaped losing at home and this shows that City is gradually moving to that level when they will be a force to reckon with both at the domestic and European league.
However, Guardiola who has reached semifinal of the champions league while in charge at Barcelona and Bayern Munich is yet to take City to that level, and he understands that completing this task is what is needed to put a smile on the faces of the investors who are hopeful that City will conquer Europe soon.
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